Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fracture Fable, continued

Had my final visit with Dr. S today. The breaks are healed and unless I have a problem, there is no need to come back. Yay! Not that Dr. S isn't a good guy; however....

I have two more appointments with Therapist Heather. With the breaks healed, I'm now doing strength-building exercises. I have a stretch band for resistance work, and yellow putty to squish. I don't know if I'll need to continue with her after the next sessions. I'll have to chat with her.

My left hand still isn't as flexible as the right, but gradually improving. Strength is getting better, at least to the level that I feel confident walking an exuberant dog and riding a contrite gelding. Heather had me use the "squeeze-o-meter" and I registered 30 with my left hand and 50 with my right. I can tell my left hand isn't up to par when I groom Phantom.

Anyway...I'm on the mend!


I'm not doing too badly this year. The best part is, I've got gift ideas for everyone on my list. The great news is, I've completed shopping for at least four folks. So far I'm having good luck locating what I want. I'm not much for shopping online anymore -- not after my account number was acquired by strangers. So I'm doing most of my shopping in person.

I actually completed the drawing for my card last weekend and it is at the printers as I write. My father, the REAL artist in the family, starting drawing pictures and cartoons for their Christmas cards that my mother had printed. Of course, everyone started expecting his personalized cards and couldn't wait to see what he'd come up with each year. So one year I drew a picture, left the inside of the card blank so the leftovers could be used later, and began my own tradition. Now everyone expects unique cards from me. I usually draw a horse or horses, but in the past I've drawn a Sheltie puppy and deer (while still working at ODFW). For Christmas I try to compose a greeting that ties in with the drawing.

The outdoor Christmas lights are "up." I toss net lights over our boxwoods and Japanese maple. I placed the white lights on the boxwoods lining the walkway for Halloween to guide the goblins to the front door. I just left them in place but didn't turn them on. Last week I added the colored net lights to the small maple at the front of the property and plugged in everything to the timers. I love the lights at Christmas and wish people would leave them up through January. It is so dark and dreary during the winter months and the lights really lift the spirits. It's fun to walk Indy and take note as more and more lights go up. Mom and I have taken strolls with the dog(s) on Christmas Eve in the past to enjoy the lights in the neighborhood -- followed by hot chocolate when we got home.

Put our tree up yesterday. We live in the Christmas Tree Capitol of the World and (true confessions) we have an artificial tree. I know, I know. Totally lacks the great smell. But you pay for the fresh tree, get needles all over the place, worry about it drying out, then pay someone to dispose of it. So we have a modest little tree that I decorate a little differently each year, and it works for us.

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