Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, Part VIII

Does the theme from "Jaws" go through your mind when you see this?

These are the harmless boxwoods planted along our walkway given a sinister appearance by snow drifts. I couldn't resist the picture.

The morning tramp with Indy through the Xerox campus revealed that even our well-used streets are packed snow (no pavement in sight). And I-5 was brown slush. Weird to observe vehicles on the freeway traveling around 40 mph instead of 70-80 (despite the 65 mph limit).

Two mobile neighbors have offered assistance if needed. So far we're doing okay.

Making progress on "Legacy." Aisley and her traveling companions have dealt with bandits, a lost horseshoe, and additional information about Aisley's heritage. The bad guy is only a few days behind them. I have a suspicion [ :-) ] that Aisley will encounter a problem or two that will delay their northward escape. Hmmm.

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