Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, Part III

This photo makes one have second thoughts about venturing out on the icy roads in Clackamas County.

The unfortunate driver spent the night in his crunched truck with his Lab puppy. Both were rescued and the driver is being treated for frostbite and injuries from the crash. The location of the accident was on one of the primary roads that I take to the barn, very close to the road where I turn off on my "barnward" journey. YIKES!

Amazing how a split second can give one 20/20 hindsight. I should have left the car in the driveway, I should have made sure the safety was on, I should have picked up the longe line [ :-P ], etc.

Although there are sections of bare street in out neighborhood, the two egresses (which are on a slope up to the busy street) are ICE. Our remaining car has front wheel drive, but no studded tires. So even if we managed to make it through the neighborhood, I doubt we could exit. I've observed some of our neighbors coming and going and I don't know why they aren't sliding, since they're traveling on ice. Kristie Yamaguchi could do axels out there! There has been some melting today, but water and ice are slicker than s---- (nasal discharge)! And I noted with interest that a few of our neighbors have elected to leave their SUVs parked during this weather. So our little Civic is hunkered under a coating of snow in the driveway. Been-there-done-that when it comes to contacting the insurance agent, dealing with the body shop, etc.

I have a great pair of "tire chains" for shoes that allow me to trek the area with some semblance of security. I put them on a pair of waterproof/insulated Ariat paddock boots that I wear when walking Indy. I LOVE my "Yaktraks!"

Indy is still enjoying the weather. He eats snow and bites at the ice. This afternoon he picked up a chunk of ice and was playing with it! If the ice hadn't been a suspicious shade of gray, I would have let him continue. I later found a smaller, cleaner piece of ice that I kicked his way. He ate it, and then tried to bite ice from the street that was frozen solid to tire ruts. What a character!

So we're staying home and preparing for the next winter storm arriving tomorrow.

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