Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fracture Fable Finale

Today I had my final therapy session with Heather. I have been released to go forward and stay upright! But I will miss Heather. What a cutie!

I'm not yet at 100%, but much improved. Today I registered just under 40 on the "squeeze-o-meter" with my left hand. The last two sessions I managed like a 32 and 34. I registered 50 with my right hand (I'm assuming it's pounds of pressure) and since I'm right handed it's normal for the dominant hand to register higher. But my left hand should pick up some more oomph. So I'm to continue working with the putty goop.


So obviously we finally got the car out of the driveway if I made it to my therapy session. Yesterday we had snow, then snow and rain, and then rain that helped scour out the residual packed icy snow on our street. Earlier today we still had slippery slush, but enough bare asphalt for traction. Seems the worst spot in the neighborhood was in the vicinity of our driveway.

Of course, the warmup came AFTER I had hiked to and from Walgreen's to pick up Mom's prescriptions. When I set out on foot, the exits from the neighborhood were still icy and, although the busy streets were basically wet pavement, the side streets were still slick. I marched through several snow flurries, and snow mixed with tiny ice pellets. I was pelted with sideways frozen stuff on the I-5 overpass. I encountered some bare pavement, but for most of the trek I was dependent on my YakTrax. They were not, however, very helpful on linoleum! Oh well, it isn't like I don't need the exercise. I'm thankful that I'm in good enough shape that I can make the trek. I have no idea how far the round trip is. I'll have to measure it in the car.


The clinic is very close to the Town Center Mall, so we zipped over there when my session was over. We drove through some snow flurries on the way to the clinic, but there were patches of blue sky and sunshine when we headed to the mall.

Mom hasn't been able to get out to do any of her shopping. She's sewing a couple of items, and sent away for some gifts, but no visits to the stores yet. She was getting panicky, what with the prospect of more winter weather this weekend. So when we arrived at the mall we went our separate ways. She emerged from the mall with a huge shopping bag (hmmm!). I picked up one more gift for a friend and our holiday box of See's candy.

Back in the burbs, we cleared out our jam-packed mail boxes, and then stopped at the grocery store to stock up in case the weekend is snowy and/or icy. The forecasters say it could get nasty again. Oh well, we're ready. And it's perfect writing weather.

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Shared Glory said...

Oh the crazy winter weather! Glad to hear you got out for a bit...I had to walk to work yesterday! It's in the 20s here!!