Friday, March 14, 2008

March is Half Over?!

I can't believe that March is already half over.


We've had some unbelievably nice weather lately. The teaser I wrote of earlier. I rode Phantom outside twice this week. Some trot work in our outdoor arena, and a "walkabout" with some bending work at the walk.

Then our usual wet and wild weather returned. Yesterday my jeans were saturated during my morning dog walk, from the bottom of my dripping jacket to the hem. So Phantom and I were back to the covered arena today. We actually did quite well. Got some decent posting trot work. Struggled through our usual Mixmaster initial canter work. But some nice sitting trot work once I got my seat.

Learned that my favorite trainer got a new job in the "real world" that gives her more time to do important stuff, like give riding lessons.

Phantom managed to break one of the front clips of his turnout sheet. Easily replacable. But his back-up turnout sheet was damp and mildewy from hanging under a leak in the roof. *sigh*

Phantom looks like a reggae horse now that I have his long mane braided.


You've heard the quip: "If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise."

I don't use the scales, but my jeans are definitely getting roomier. Thanks to my dog.

Lacey, my first Sheltie, was arthritic in her old age so we didn't do much walking her last couple of years.

Indy is still puppyish and wants to go! So we walk to a nearby park twice a day and take longer walks on the weekend at the high tech campus. Plus playing tag and Fluffy Puppy in the house.

Amazing how moving helps one lose weight.

20/20 VISION

Had my eyes checked yesterday and ordered new glasses. I can't believe the cost -- even with insurance coverage. But my new glasses are pretty cool looking and even have a touch of bling.


After a hitch in the getalong I'm once again making progress on my YA novel. Getting to some action scenes.

Still just trying to get the first draft on paper. Then I'll rework it like crazy.

My thoughts keep wandering off to two other stories I want to write, but I don't have the skills for them yet. Patience!