Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Although this photo was taken on Sunday, our street doesn't look much different. It's more chewed up due to additional traffic and the slow melt. Some ruts in the snow are slush, others are still ice.

As Indy and I were coming down the street after our morning stroll, a young woman drove past in a small SUV. She got out of her rig to deliver a gift and as we walked past she said our street was scary. Her SUV is gone, so she must have been able to get our of our neighborhood. White knuckles and all.

We had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas. Thoughtful friends from the Seattle area sent all kinds of goodies that solved our emergency situation: running out of See's candy! Mom and I exchanged clothes, items from our lists, and items that should have been on our lists. We had discussed splurging on a roast or steaks for Christmas dinner, but had to make do with Marie Callendar's spaghetti dinner and mincemeat pie for dessert.

Indy received a stuffed blue sheep that makes a "baa baa" sound when squeezed instead of the usual dog toy squeak. He doesn't quite know what to make of the funny noise. He did finally pick up the blue sheep but quickly dropped it. He later poked his nose at it and immediately jumped away. Finally last night he started to chew on it. He's now two years old, but I'm not sure that's he's completely outgrown his chew & swallow phase. So we're keeping a close eye on him as he gnaws on the sheep's ear or leg. (I can verify that hydrogen peroxide will make a dog regurgitate lengths of towel and other inappropriately ingested items.)

Mom has kept busy at the sewing machine during our forced confinement and she's still working on her Christmas cards (more like New Year's cards now). I've been working on "Legacy." Today I FINALLY sewed a fleece cover for the elastic dressage girth that gives Phantom galls. I'm just over halfway through Cornelia Funke's "Inkdeath," the last book of her trilogy.

The horses are reportedly turned out today after spending Christmas inside due to the slippery conditions. Snow and ice sliding off the roof of the arena barn apparently gave a few of the horses coronaries. Only minor boo boos. Poor Finn, our big little guy, nearly came out of his stall in a single bound according to Owner Susan.

I think Mom and I need to discuss the possibility of studded tires or chains for her car. Particularly considering that January and February are our usual snow months. :-0

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