Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keeping Things in Perspective

On my way to the barn today I saw the silhouette of a large bird flying fairly low over the fields adjacent to the road. Somehow I knew it wasn't a run-of-the-mill crow, didn't have the legs and neck for a heron.... So I kept an eye on it as I tried to keep the car inside my lane. The bird flew across the road just ahead of the car. It was a bald eagle! Honest to goodness national symbol. I had to sneak a second look to make sure of what I was seeing. Yep! An adult bald eagle.

Mother Nature always seems to help one keep things in perspective. Provided you're alert to what she's doing. The woman following me a little too closely had a cell phone plastered to her ear and didn't notice the bald eagle. Anyway...I was impressed. I got the message. Keep yourself open to Mother Nature's gifts. Glueing oneself to modern high tech gadgets seems to create a barrier against the real world.


Back in the saddle!! Again. I longed Phantom for 10 minutes, then rode for only 20 minutes. But I got what I wanted and we're both out of shape after so much time off since I broke my wrist and the snow kept me "cabin bound."

Lots of forward walking to warm up eventually got us to round and connected. Circles and serpentines at a posting trot got us to "beachball" round engagement. Did just a wee bit of leg yielding. Phantom was stiff through the middle and I lacked the muscle to bend him, so we were a pair. But he was good-natured about it all and despite a glance or two for cougars, he was well-behaved. So I was happy with my brief ride. A little trot on a long rein to stretch out and we concluded with a happy walk.

Today my fuzzy, grey Goober Boy was pricesless. Not for sale at any price. :-)

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