Monday, December 29, 2008


Cold, wet, Doug fir-whipping, in your face RAIN. It's what we know on the wet side, er, west side of the Cascades. This we can handle.

Most signs of snow are gone. A few dirty mounds remain from shovels and plows, or in shady areas.

I reintroduced myself to Phantom today. Since it was cold and blustery, and rattling the big arena doors, I decided against riding. So it was a barbershop day. I gave Phantom a good brushing, cleaned and treated his feet, and brushed and rebraided forelock, mane and tail. My little gray guy almost dozed off while I was working on his mane. What a cutie.

Boarder Genevieve longed Zorro, who was convinced that cougars were trying to batter down the doors of the arena. Yep, good day to keep the saddle in the tack room.

Yikes, the Wranglers are pretty snug after essentially three months on the sidelines. Maybe NOW I can work off some calories from the saddle.


allhorsestuff said...

Yesserie bob!
It was one of those wind whipping the firs, rain days were I was standing outside by the trailer too! actualy started to know and I started to cry!!!
Iknow, the time off has been a gut gainer here. Am in for it when I actully put on some normal pants with a zipper...have my winter breaches on most days...even whyen we weer around town walking in the snow!
Glad that you had a nice grooming session, probably a smart move with the Cougars around at the door!

KK with correction! said...

that was "SNOW" in the place of know.....