Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow, Part II

Took this photo yesterday at the Xerox Campus during my afternoon walk with Indy. It has a sort of abstract look. The snow doesn't remain piled up like that on a tree limb for long, so I couldn't resist.

The car is happily parked in the driveway. One of the advantages of being retired -- no workplace demands our presence, and we're not burning up vacation time waiting for the thaw.

My ventures outside with Indy give me a chance to scout out driving conditions in the area. Seems most of the streets in our neighborhood and the one adjacent are ice. Yesterday's compacted snow froze overnight and remains frozen. The main road has two clear ruts per lane (except for the sections in the shade) for easier travel. The trick is getting to it.

I must say, I don't feel very confident about risking our safety and our only remaining car when I observe a teenage boy driving a Jeep Cherokee on ice while fiddling with the stereo instead of watching the street.

We discovered that Indy loves to chew ice cubes. Our new refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser in the door and whenever we add ice to a glass, Indy comes running for a cube to crunch. So he is LOVING the snow. The world is one giant ice cube!

Found out my friend Emily is already home from college! And here I thought she'd be in the middle of finals and papers this week between snowball fights on campus.


Great writing weather!

I completed another scene today. Aisley and her traveling companions were jumped by bandits. Eldwyn, the weathered clan warrior, suggests a game of chance to regain their horses and gear as well as safe passage. He knows the bandits will cheat, but Aisley (with her Ability to cast glamours) is his secret weapon. Can she pull it off?

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Shared Glory said...

Yep, I'm home! But sadly stuck at work while it blizzarded here today! Good thing I took my mom's 4 wheel drive...although I slipped a little just turning to get into our driveway....
Glad to hear you're enjoying the weather too! Hope to see you soon, even though it may not be until I'm back at school :(