Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Barn Schedule

(2003 photo file)

After being sidelined for a couple of months with my broken wrist, it is sooo nice to return to my usual barn schedule. I've been gradually increasing my time in the saddle as I feel more solid. Both Phantom and I are still battling the pudge factor after eight weeks off. The Wranglers and schooling chaps are still a bit snug on me, and no way can I tighten Phantom's girth that last hole.

But we're coming along. Cantering only briefly, and just beginning sitting trot work. Phantom is a pretty good guy in spite of my position issues. He gives me beach-ball round and connected moments when I get situated correctly.

Owner Susan has been easing the boys onto their winter turnouts. The girls remain on the huge front pasture all year 'round, but the boys are rotated. The winter turnouts are closer to the barns...yah! Makes for shorter treks during our juicy weather.

The meteorologists are predicting a cold spell for the Pacific Northwest...that arctic front affecting the midwest is heading our way. So I put Phantom in his "warm jammies" today. Switched his turnout sheet for his midweight blanket and neck cover. I even found the connectors for the hood after they'd been packed away all summer and fall! Pat on the back for me.

Indy was a very happy puppy today He got to play with Abby!! I don't think we've seen Boarder Kim and cocker Abby since I rearranged my wrist. Abby was sporting a new blanket...very barn dog chic. We let the pair run loose, since there were no horses in the barns. They had a blast, racing through the barn, cutting cookies outside, zipping into the arena, and back outside to flop in the middle of a puddle. ARGH! Two panting, muddy, thoroughly happy dogs!

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