Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, Part VII

Compare today's 3:00 pm measurement on the left with Saturday night's measurement on the right. Check out the snow piled on top of the deck railing. And note that evidence of Indy's leap into the snow has disappeared!

Yes, we woke up this morning to MORE snow on the ground. Snow contined to fall here all day until about 3:30 pm.

Get this, all State offices located in Portland are closed today. During my 30 years of employment with the State of Oregon, offices were NEVER closed.

This long-lasting snow "event" has become one for the record books. Reminds me of the 1968-69 winter when we had a lengthy cold spell and several snow showers.

Per "The Oregonian," total snowfall for Portland is approaching the all-time record from 1949-50. We have a photo in the family album of our '49 gray Chevy coated with an inch of ice (no exaggeration) during the 1950 silver thaw. My mother recalls ice flows in the Columbia River that winter.

Still great weather for writing and I'm making progress on Legacy.

Staying inside unless I need to venture outside with Indy so he can conduct "business." The only way we can get around is to walk in tire tracks in the street. Otherwise we're stepping into snow, crunching through ice, and sinking into more snow.

The horses are again confined to their stalls, since it's too treacherous for turnouts. Phantom is in the little barn, which I'm sure is pretty snug. Owner Susan keeps us updated daily about our ponies.

My uncle suggested it's good weather for hot, mulled wine. Hmmm. Regretfully, we have no peppermint schnapps to add to our hot cocoa. Cinnamon schnapps in hot cocoa is also killer!

Our gas fireplace is fronted with protective glass. Toasted marshmallows are out of the question. :-(

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allhorsestuff said...

Good day to you O Equestrian! is a doosey day..been fielding calls all am..people either are out and about wondering if I can do thier hair..or they are like me here..knowing to try to dig the car out is an hour plus job to maybe find it won't move anyway..heck, it may not even start!

~ and we are enjoying Mulled wine!!!
Write away dear!