Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cousin Trixie

My aunt and uncle added a new family member. Trixie has livened things up considerably since she moved in. Apparently she objected to their phone plan and chewed through the line. They went a whole weekend without phone service until they located the problem!

I was looking forward to our Thanksgiving visit to see how the dogs got along. I was hoping they would play and tire each other out. The initial meeting was confusion on both parts. Trixie was fascinated with Indy's fluff, and Indy wasn't quite sure what Trixie was. They sort of tested each other with the play position, and then took off from there. After one warning, Indy was careful around the much smaller Trixie. She, on the other hand, was much less restrained. Trixie loved Indy's luxurious ruff and fluffy tail. She kept jumping up on Indy and at one point her puppy needle teeth were caught in his ruff. When Indy laid down, Trixie dove into his tail.

After the initial play time, Indy grew tired of his new little cousin chasing him wherever he went. During Thanksgiving dinner, Trixie was placed in her crate to give Indy a break. After we finished eating the four-legged kids were at it again. Indy was a very patient big cousin and allowed Trixie to throw herself at him. Her relentless attention eventually got to Indy again and just before we left he came to me and asked to be a lap dog (all 34 pounds of him). Usually Indy wants down after a bit of hugs and gnawing on whatever I'm wearing. Not on Thanksgiving! He was happy to stay in my lap as a refuge from his tireless cousin.

When we got home, Indy wanted to play and I humored him a little but hey, after Thanksgiving dinner, who wants to chase the dog?! Indy's favorite game is "keep away" where he runs around the house with a paper plate or one of his toys in his mouth while I try to catch him. I chased him a couple of times around the living room. It didn't take long and he was snoozing on the floor near us. We called my aunt and uncle to let them know we arrived home safely and they said Trixie was zonked out after her busy day.

Trixie is supposed to mature at around 10 pounds. Indy will still have the height and weight advantage, but I don't know about the persistance factor. Dachshund translates as badger dog, and one doesn't go down the hole after a badger without a certain amount of determination.

Anyway, the pair of dogs were way more entertaining than a Thanksgiving parade or football game!

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Shared Glory said...

Glad to hear you had a fun Thanksgiving and that you're back to riding again :)