Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fracture Fable, continued

Yay!! The cast was removed today! My left hand and wrist is covered with alligator skin, but I don't care. The bad news is, I have to go to physical therapy to recover mobility. That means riding will be postponed even longer. The good news is there's no cast in the way!

The shoer is back at the barn tomorrow. I want to discuss putting shoes on front only to save a little money over the winter. Phantom's had "four on the floor" ever since I got him. Guess I kept shoes on him out of habit...I jumped Kiyara year round and always kept her shod. Phantom is a wee bit pigeon-toed in front and his left front is his only white foot, plus most of a horse's weight is on the front end, so I definitely want shoes on the front. But maybe we can give his hind feet a winter of rest to grow in our glorious and gooey Willamette Valley clay. He's usually a very mellow guy for the farrier, so holding him shouldn't be an issue. And I'll treat him to free grazing while waiting his turn.

Thanks again to the CEC crew and boarders for taking such good care of my Goober Boy. Mom is owed a medal for stepping in to do all the driving when I couldn't. She doesn't seem to mind hanging around the barn while I give Phantom a zoom groom. But I'm sure she'll be glad to be relieved of duty soon as our weather turns wetter and colder.

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