Saturday, November 8, 2008



It was such a disappointment to discover my left hand was a limp rag after six weeks in a cast. Although Dr. S recommended against a wrist support, I wore one on my first day at the barn sans cast. Just made me feel a little more secure. I am trying to use my left hand per usual. Every so often I bend my wrist up and then down to work through the stiffness. Sheesh! Still frustrated by this whole broken wrist thing.

Oh well. It will get better.

Looks odd, though. A little swollen and a bit offset. The x-rays show all is mending well. Just ain't the same as it was.


Phantom was a good boy, per usual, while getting his feet trimmed. Went with front shoes only. We'll see how this goes over the winter.

He is fuzzing up already. His mane is a mess but yesterday wasn't the day to devote to the major job required. (I understand I owe Chris a thank you for working some tangles out of Phantom's mane while I was on the injured/reserve list.) I'm trying to figure out a way to wash Phantom's mane without a complete shower in the wash rack. I'm thinking I may be able to use a small bucket much as I do with his tail. But I don't want to do that until I switch him to the turnout sheet to which I can attach a neck cover. And it's been a bit warm for that one yet. Temperatures still in the upper 50s and into the low 60s.

I'm thinking of trying a tail bag this winter. I've been braiding Phantom's tail during the winter months to prevent bad tangles, but it still gets muddy. I'd like to try a "waterproof" nylon bag.


Our wandering barn cat was reported to have returned after an extended absence. Yesterday was my first sighting. He spied me also and trotted across the parking area toward me. Just like a dog, Romeo came right up to me to be scooped up and given some love. Since we were on our way home, I only had time for a quick hug and head rubs. I told Romeo not to do that to us again because we were all very worried. I deposited him on the tongue of one of the parked horse trailers where he was surveying his realm as we departed. Good to have him back.


Airborne allergies?!

Indy started the head shaking, scratching, and droopy ear thing in October. I took him to the vet who said his ears looked fine (whew!) and diagnosed it as an allergic reaction. He prescribed pills, gave Indy a shot to get the ball rolling, and we came home. The pills helped considerably but didn't completely clear up the irritiation. So back we went to the vet.

Indy's ears still look good, although the bothersome left ear had some wax, probably stirred up by the scratching and the ear rubs I gave him. Another shot, more pills (higher dosage this time), and an attempt to gradually reduce the medication to as low a dosage as possible to provide relief.

Indy is doing much better. Tomorrow I try one pill a day instead of two. I hope whatever triggered the allergy is gone now that the fall rains are rolling in.


Canby's modest Wilco store moved to a new location where a brand new, super store was built just off Highway 99E. Wilco bought out the much-loved locally-owned farm and garden store and combined the inventories at the new location.

The new Wilco will be a great source for basic horse care items as well as pet supplies. However, I was disappointed by the lack of English gear. I located a couple of English bridles and a few girths. No English clothing at all; a nice selection of Ariat outerwear that can be worn regardless of discipline.

I'm sure the store inventory will adjust to customer demand. I'm hoping that will include more English tack. In the meantime, they've already got a few great gift items for the quickly approaching holidays. There's a good selection of Breyer horses. I can't decide which Saddle Club character I want...complete with horse, tack, and riding attire.

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