Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Back in the Saddle Again....

(photo by Shared Glory)

Almost two months to the day, I got back in the saddle after breaking my wrist. I wasn't really nervous about riding, since I wasn't riding when I fell. If anything, longeing should have given me second thoughts, but my wrist is much stronger and I was feeling fairly confident.

I longed Phantom outside. It wasn't raining, although it was foggy but not as cold as it's been of late. It seems the gravel didn't bother Phantom's two bare feet. HOWEVER, it's Christmas tree harvest time and the helicopters were active across the road from CEC lifting harvested trees from the field for deposit on the truck. The hubbub didn't seem to affect Phantom. He lived through construction of the big arena barn with hammering, people climbing over the trusses, etc. I longed him for a good 15 minutes to make sure I took the edge off.

Tamra had kindly offered to longe and/or ride Phantom for me and I was seriously considering taking her up on it, then I thought -- I don't want Phantom in better condition than I'll be in when I finally start riding again!! So I let him have a two month vacation. Both of us are pudgier and a little out of shape. Phantom's girth was snug, as were my jeans and schooling chaps! But we can get back into shape and build our endurance together.

I planned on about 20 minutes of walk work, which is basically what we did. Just a wee bit of trotting. Lots of serpentines, circles, work off the wall, up the center line, halts and backing up, forward into a trot from the back, etc. I actually got moments of round, connected walk. Until I messed things up, of course. Tried leg yields, and I can tell that I need to go back to the chiropractor. But Phantom was responsive and quite the gentleman.

Guess I'll keep him. Especially since he met me at the gate with a welcoming nicker!


Boarder Stephanie is moving Keith to a new facility down the road. Personal issues are forcing the relocation. Her departure will leave me as the last of the original boarders. Poor Owner Susan inherited me when she acquired the facility.

Keith is quite the character. A tall and lanky chestnut. Kind of a thoroughbred Gary Cooper, with the pugnacious personality of James Cagney. He rules whatever turnout he's in. If there's trouble to get into, Keith seems to find it.

I've known Steph and Keith about thirteen years? Gosh! That long?! Something like that. Somehow Stephanie has grown up from high schooler to young mother -- yet I haven't aged at all!! ;-)

Anyway, the good news is, Keith will be close and on my route to and from the barn, so I'll still be able to see him.

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