Monday, November 24, 2008

Lap Warmers

(Moe & Romeo, 2003)


Another cold, foggy day with the sun making a late appearance. It seems the weekend temperatures for our burb south of Portland were 15-20 degrees colder than the "official" temperature at the Portland airport. Woke up to another COLD, foggy morning today. The fog got soupier the closer I got to the barn and when I arrived, it was obvious that I had not bundled up enough. I was thinking maybe I'd be brave and try longeing Phantom. But once at the barn I decided it was too darned cold to do anything. So it was a zoom groom and a bit of free grazing before rejoining his pasture pals.

Boarder Genevieve arrived with plans to longe...and had the same revelation I did. Too cold. Brushing only. Back to turnout.

While chatting with Genevieve, both barn cats made an appearance. Hmmm. Not roving so far afield in the colder weather. Anyway, had some much-missed lap time with Romeo. He of the fluff and bent tail who was MIA for awhile. So glad to have him back. Moe wandered in also for a brief stint in the lap and a tummy rub. Our Critter Control Crew is always good for a lap warming while chatting with fellow boarders.

We got to laughing about how horses are misrepresented in books and movies. You know, the hero must ride a stallion, everyone rides only at a gallop for untold miles each day, the horses never get thirsty or hungry...that sort of thing. I noticed there was a session at the recent Orycon (science fiction/fantasy convention) on how fantasy writers get horses wrong. I didn't have the funds for the convention, but would have loved to have sat in on that one!

Anyway, it was good to see both barn kitties on the premises, in good health, and available for loves.

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