Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fracture Fable: Physical Therapy

So...my limp rag left wrist is gradually improving.

Monday was my first physical therapy evaluation and session. Physical Therapist Heather measured the mobility of both hands. She had me place my left hand in a weird machine that warmed the joint with hot air and flying corn husk bits. You insert your hand in a "sock" and then into a "box" containing what looks like sawdust. It felt pretty good, actually.

Once the joint was warmed up, PT Heather had me practice one exercise where I hold a highlighter pen in my fingers and simply bend my wrist up and down. Then she massaged my hand.

I've never had a massage, but if it feels as good as my hand massage, I can see why people do it! The hand massage was marvelous!

After setting up twice-weekly appointments for the remainder of the month, Heather sent me home with six exercises. Two of them I was already doing. The others are fairly simple and can be done while doing other things. However, my wrist is SORE. Which means the exercises must be working.

For two weeks I focus on mobility. After 8 weeks from the accident, I can begin on strength exercises.

I'm back to driving, with a little modification in the way I hold the steering wheel when I make turns. Actually, having learned to drive in the era before air bags, I "incorrectly" cross over when turning the wheel (if the bag deployed it would break my arm and probably my nose when the arm was pushed into it). My adaptive steering method is more correct for a car equipped with an air bag.

May have to return to Dr. Cheryl (chiropractor). My muscles and tendons are struggling to return to their prior positions that were corrected by her treatment. *Sigh* When acting up, the muscles make it difficult to walk. Not fun for the dog when I'm limping along behind him.

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