Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tidying Up the Goober Boy

At last! I tackled Phantom's windblown look today...the first time I've driven to the barn by myself since I broke my wrist.

We're having typical western Oregon weather today -- WET. So Phantom's exposed extremities were damp and muddy when I brought him in. The boy was fortunate, since a nasty rain cell hit just as I collected him. So while the other horses got another soaking, he was getting the barber treatment.

Of course, wet tangled hair is harder to brush out than dry tangled hair. *sigh* At one point I was shredding through his mane with a hoof pick...the only way I could get through the rat's nest. Not to worry, Phantom's got so much mane he could spare it. The mysteriously chopped braid lost a 6-7 inch long section of mane when brushed out. Still don't get that one.

I didn't attempt to clean his mane or tail, since it would get dirty right away without a neck cover and tail bag. Too warm for the full neck cover. But his mane is a lot neater now and will be easier to maintain, and I braided his tail for the first time this fall. I did apply Cowboy Magic to his tail, the only way I could get a brush or comb through it.

Anyway, I feel better now that my Goober Boy isn't a TOTAL mess. Phantom was very patient and I believe he enjoyed the brushing (except maybe the hoofpick part).

Indy had a brief visit with Breeze at the barn. With schedules out of whack, the barn dogs haven't been seeing each other and they don't like it. Trainer Tracey reported Breeze was real mopey at the barn the other day, and Indy wants to dash to the big barn in search of his pals.

As I'm writing this Oregon is in the midst of a juicy, windy storm. Coastal rivers are flooding, valley rivers are on the rise, and streets are overflowing where fallen leaves block the drains. Indy rings his "gotta go" bell at the front door and when I open the door to go out he puts on the brakes. "It's yukky out there!" Now he understands why cats do litter boxes!


Anonymous said...

Hey there girl, this is Kim catching up on your blog - I've been sick so away from the barn and I have to tell you that I've been enjoying your blog to keep in touch with whats been going on at the barn - is that photo showing your boy and Ty in the same pasture??

Inquiring minds are wanting to know, anyhow keep on blogging and I hope your arm is getting better.

Oregon Equestrian said...

The photo was taken last year...a much younger Ty.

Susan keeps moving Phantom from turnout to turnout because he generally gets along with or ignores whoever he's with. I never know where I'll find him when I arrive at the barn. :-)