Monday, July 27, 2009

"We're having heat wave...

...a tropical heat wave, the temperature's rising, it isn't surprising...."

With a nod to Irving Berlin.

It is 103 degrees in the 'burbs as I compose this. We are predicted to have at least two more days in the triple digits and the experts say we haven't had three 100-degree days in a row since 1981. I seem to remember one August eons ago when we had something like 4-5 days of 100 or more degrees. Anyway, it's HOT here in the Valley and unseasonable for our temperate climate.

It was shoeing day at the barn for several of the horses, including Phantom. I brought him in from his turnout, gave him a good brushing to address the itchy spots, hosed him off and then doused him with fly repellant after a good squeegee off. Phantom free grazed near Impy while the horses ahead of him in line got new treads and rims [ :-) ]. After Phantom was trimmed and his front shoes reset, I slathered his hooves with conditioner, sprayed on another layer of repellant, and turned him out. With this heat, if I make it back to the barn it will be a repeat of the brushing, hosing, and spraying. Definitely no riding at these temperatures.

It was fun to hang out with some of the Barn Bunch as we held our horses for and/or waited our turn with the shoer. We don't always have a chance to just stand around and chat, since everyone has such busy schedules.

Left the fluffy puppy at home today so he wouldn't swelter at the barn in his double coat. He didn't see it that way and is keeping close to me this evening.

However, without the little Goober Boy hanging around at the barn, Juliet the kitty made an appearance. Had a little lap time with her. Very sweet girl.


Michelle said...

I hear ya! Been inside all day and home from work, unfortunately with a migraine. Drastic changes in weather like this do that to me. Whaaa! Hey, I'd like to pick your brain sometime about actually owning your own horse. I am considering buying one in the near future but am hesitating.

Hope you're staying cool! Fun at the barn today!



Shared Glory said...

It's hot up here too!!! No fun for puppies!