Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Stills: Toys

These aren't artistic studies by a long shot, but all are full of fond memories.

My father's Buddy L fire truck:
My father received the ladder truck and his younger brother received (I believe) the pumper truck for Christmas one year. My uncle's truck is long gone, but this truck resided in our basement for decades and even I played with it some. It is now on display above the kitchen cupboards.

My shoe skates:
These were a prized possession and much longed for back in the era of clamp-on skates. No matter how tight one cranked the clamps with a skate key, they inevitably worked loose, fell off, and the wearer when flying. Lots of scrapes, bruises, and (I'm sure) broken bones attributed to clamp-on skates. Thus, my passionate desire for shoe skates when they first appeared in the Sears catalogue. These skates accrued many miles along the sidewalks of Buffalo Street.

My little red wagon:
My wagon was placed back in service as a plant stand and was a constant companion during 25 years of apartment living. A couple of years ago the cable guy commented on the "antique" wagon. I guess you're officially "collectable" when your own toys are labeled antique. *sigh*

Snow sled:
Back in the day, Portland usually experienced one good snow event each winter. But most of the time my sled lived in the basement. It made a few forays down the neighbor's driveway when we had enough of the white stuff. One year when I was in high school we had an early snow fall and my two best friends and I used the sled to collect a Christmas tree from the sales lot at Holy Redeemer Elementary School.


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jrosey said...

I love the interesting stories that your toys have behind them! That cable guy is crackin' me up. Antique wagon. Too funny. ;)