Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Country Classic 2009

Horse shows have been affected by the current recession...including The Country Classic. This particular competition has had its past struggles, but the show must go on!

The Country Classic was downsized considerably this year. Usually it is a social event as well as a horse show, and it encourages the non-horse population to join the hunter/jumper set for a weekend in the country. Regrettably, this year the social aspect was eliminated. But we can hope all the amenities will return in the future. After all, this show was resurrected from death and has gone on to thrive.

For horse folks, the most painful loss was that of the Grand Prix Ring where "The Log" resides. The huge turf pasture requires a lot of tender loving care to prepare it for the show, and this year it was just too much for the budget.

But The Country Classic did have all the usual hunter/jumper sights.

The warm up area maze:

Intense riders, young and old:

Flying pigtails in the pony hunter ring:

A wide assortment of show dogs (and I don't mean AKC):

And of course, the Horse Show Parent:


Michelle said...

Wasn't it great fun? You got some great shots!! It must have been really hot here Saturday. It was cool on the trail ride but I heard it was hotter in the Portland area! OMG that little girl with the braids is adorable!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

Michelle :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

It was cloudy and cool while I was at the show, but cleared up and got sunny later.

I had fun prowling around trying to get "horse show atmosphere" pictures.