Friday, July 10, 2009

Connecting on Facebook

Or not.

Em and I both have Facebook pages. She responsibly has her page protected. But sheesh! Did we have a time locating each other to become "Friends."

Finally! We are now officially "Friends" and I got to view her awesome photos from Australia.

Not to discredit Em and her artistic abilities...but Queensland makes it easy to get fantastic photos. I have one I took in 1984 where the water is an aqua color that looks absolutely fake.

Anyway -- I need all the friends I can get. I'm glad my First Reader and I are further connected via the mysterious Internet ethers.

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Shared Glory said...

Haha! Well at least I know my security tactics are working...but what's the point of being on a networking site if you can't find anyone?!
I am happy we are officially friends now, as if 20 years and some odd months doesn't count in facebook world. ;)
And yes, Queensland makes picture taking easy...except when running from snakes and driving the boat away from crocs. I feel like real photographers would fear nothing of the elements and would brave the danger to get THE shot of exotic wildlife. Although, I did want to go back for that snake though so I suppose I'm not entirely useless!