Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Hot Enough to...

...fry an egg!

Official high temperature for today at Pdx was 106 degrees. Here in the 'burbs the mercury hit 108 degrees.

I made a quick trip to the barn to give Phantom a zoom groom, hose him off, slather sunblock on his pink nose, and spray, spray, spray fly repellant. Kim was there doing the same for Finn. And then we were OUT of there!

Owner Susan has been leaving the horses outside overnight, since their stalls are sweltering and they would be miserable inside. The CEC gang have been tossing hay into the paddocks and even spraying the horses with water to help cool them. The stock tanks are kept full and the ponies seem to be doing okay.

Kudos to "The Guys" at CEC for placing the railroad ties around the new outdoor arena this morning. Don't yet have enough to completely encircle the arena, but the guys squared the corners and put down a few ties at the ends and long sides. The crew finished up by noon so they could get out of the heat. That was an effort above and beyond, and much appreciated.

But hey! We're cooling down tomorrow. Only 101 degrees predicted!

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jrosey said...

"Cooling down". Did you ever think you would refer to 101 degrees in our area as cooling down?! Too crazy!!!