Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Barn Bunch, and More

The Barn Bunch gathered last night at a nearby bar and grill for an impromptu fun evening. The usually quiet restaurant was unexpectedly overflowing, so we appreciated their efforts to serve our rowdy group. Amazing how lively we can be when not exhausted after riding and tending to our horses. And we clean up good, too! :-)

Conversations included a lot of horse talk, but not exclusively. The volume of laughter indicated that a good time was had by all. The evening was a reminder of why this group of people is so special.

We are looking forward to a Barn Bunch Barbecue later in the summer.

Dover Saddlery

I am awaiting a saddle bag in the original colors ordered, and a postage-paid mailing label for returning the bag with the reverse colors.

This is the first time I've ever had an order from Dover go so wrong. They have good sales and carry products I don't find in-store locally, so I want to be able to trust that future orders will be handled correctly.

Legacy: A Tale of Pennleah

Argh! One more scene to complete Chapter 8 followed by a mini edit of the whole chapter.

Water Tribute

This is my fallback story. When not drafting Legacy, I'm revisiting my draft of Water Tribute to reorganize and rethink the scenes.

Space Opera

This is the working title of a story that's been knocking around for years. A couple of recently read books have somewhat changed my approach to the tale. I'm currently taking notes from one of the books.

Now, neither of the books is remotely science fiction. One was a mystery set in 1930s Shanghai, the other is nonfiction about 1950s Havana. But both have elements that I want to tweak and apply to a young adult science fiction story. So we'll see if I can pull off what I have in mind.

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Shared Glory said...

Chapter 8: I believe in you! :)