Friday, July 31, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

You know it's been hot when 94 degrees is a cool down!

The Barn Bunch was back in force today. I only rode Phantom at a walk and trot...after all, it was still hot and muggy. But it was kind of nice to slow things down to a walk to feel my position during leg yields and shoulders-in. Finished with a round and connected trot.

The outdoor arena is open for use! Genevieve and Lindsey took advantage, but I kept inside out of the sun. Even with sun block I start to crisp after 15-20 minutes. So I'll check it out next week.

Had to re-band Phantom's mane today since it was falling apart. His mane is too long and thick to leave natural, so I do a quickie Continental braid. Prevents dreadlocks and keeps his neck cool in this weather. The Goober Boy seems to appreciate my efforts. And he looks darned handsome with the braid that is easier than it appears.

Brought the little Goober Boy out to the barn today, too. Regrettably, his girlfriends weren't there, so he had no one to play with. Too hot to round up imaginary sheep anyway!

By the way -- that isn't my saddle in the photo, but it's a twin.


allhorsestuff said...

Yea...I have not ridden the mare, since Monday last..though it was a 7 hour ride. That counts for the week I believe!
I am sooooooo happy to have some cooler air coming!
Glad to hear of your ride..nice saddle too..what make is that?

Oregon Equestrian said...

It's a Berney Brothers, made in Ireland. I got it second hand from a trainer since my mare's close contact didn't fit my gelding. Had some adjustments made and it fits him to a T. My only complaint it that it's brown and not black. But fit is waaaay more important than color.