Friday, July 3, 2009

Bath Day

Another hot day in the Valley. Hot for this temperate region, that is. So I debated as to whether I would ride and decided it was an excellent day for a bath. Generally, when I give Phantom a bath, I get one too. Trying to scrub his mane somehow always ends up with me getting doused. So here are a couple of pics of the Goober Boy drying out after a brief stint in the wash rack.

I got brave and brought my new Canon out to the barn for the latest Sunday Stills challenge. Stay tuned for the results.

In an attempt to get accustomed to the camera, I took pony pictures. But how exciting can a grazing horse be? Tried some inside photos of Finn on the longe line, but they didn't turn out. *sigh* Too much movement and not enough light.

Still figuring out the Canon program, but discovered I can play with the downloaded photos using the Kodak EasyShare software that I'm familiar with (with which I'm familiar?). So I made some edits and added a few more pics to my Flickr site.

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