Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honest Scrap

This is the second time I've received this award, so I guess I'd better respond. Most recently A Good Horse honored me. This Kuntry Girl tapped me first. I am supposed to link back to the presenter(s), express ten honest things about myself, present the award to 10 additional bloggers and let the recipients know they've been so awarded.

Hmmm. Well, I don't know as I can meet all the requirements, but here at least are the Ten Truths:

1. I love my cross-generational horse interest. It doesn't matter our age or area of interest (western, English, hunters, dressage, etc.), horses connect us all. We share the same joys and dilemmas, whether short-stirrup or long stirrup.

2. I'm an Anglophile. No, that's not something naughty! I love all things British. Maybe it's all those books I read as an English Major. Ya think?

3. I went to the same high school my father did -- 30 years later. Jefferson High School just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

4. German chocolate cake is my favorite for my birthday.

5. I'm a book addict. I buy way more books than I can read and I have shelves filled with books to be read as well as those I've read but don't want to part with.

6. Some of my warmest memories are summers with my grandparents in Lebanon, Oregon. My skin tender with sunburn, the three of us savoring raspberries picked from the backyard sprinkled over vanilla ice cream, settling in to watch Gunsmoke on the black & white television.

7. I like really thick books that immerse the reader in the setting (real or fantastic) and then take the reader along for an extended journey. When I read the final page and close the book, I'm amazed at how far the author took me. And yes, I've read War and Peace.

8. Sure, I want to be published. I acknowledge that I'm not a literary writer. I've settled into the YA niche that I think will be a good fit for my style of story telling. I would like to be a writer like Dick Francis, who improved with each novel, and Beverly Cleary, who makes people smile fondly with recollection.

9. I love retirement: No heels, dresses, or makeup required. Jeans, jeans, jeans! T-shirts, sweatshirts, and fleece. Riding in the daylight! Avoiding weekend and after-work crowds when running errands. Writing what I want to write. I can take my time to read through the paper while eating breakfast and refilling my coffee cup. No rush hour traffic. I just hope I can remain retired.

10. I've never had a "significant other." Yes, it gets darned lonely, and it's rugged getting by on a single income (especially keeping a horse). Sometimes it's nice not having to answer to someone else. And sometimes its awkward always being the odd one out.

With apologies if you've already done this exercise, I'm forwarding the Honest Scrap Award to:


jrosey said...

Good stuff! Totally agree with horses connecting people. :)

allhorsestuff said...

OH!! Thanks there sweetie...I may do another hoirsey honest scap 10..did the personal one aready!
Thanks Soooo much for thinkin of me!