Friday, May 1, 2009

Blanket-Free Day

Turnout sheets weren't needed today. Another tease for the lovely spring and summer days ahead. Of course the weekend will be's the Willamette Valley, after all. But for one day the horses got to roll and graze without their turnouts.

This is the type of scene that makes the barn a sanctuary for so many of us. A quiet, lazy day. The geldings grazing, or dozing, or scratching each other's itches.

More of the same. Phantom is "free grazing" while I put away tack, sweep the aisle, and record our day's ride in my journal. Once my cleanup chores are completed, Phantom will return to his turnout paddock.

I think most of us took a turn outside after schooling in the arena. "Walkabouts" for horse and rider to enjoy the warm, dry weather in anticipation of future trail rides.


Slowing down the's a good thing.

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