Thursday, April 30, 2009

Braids...To Pull or Not to Pull

This photo is copyright protected by Jim Bortvedt.

This is my favorite picture of Kiyara taken in 1992 at the Oregon State Fair back in the "olden days" when the fair still offered a hunter/jumper show. Aside from the fact that is among the first professional photos taken of us, and Kiyara is showing the world that Arabians are sport horses...I get a kick out of the woman shading her eyes from the flash, and the farmer grandpa sitting in the stands with his granddaughter.

All Horse Stuff is debating whether or not to pull her mare's beautiful black mane. I think she can get away with a French braid for dressage clinics and schooling shows; however, since Wa is a thoroughbred I suspect that she would be expected to compete in "peanut braids" at a rated dressage show.

ON THE OTHER HAND...I suggested she try looped or scalloped braids such as those in the above photo. Back in the day I paid an amazing braider to do Kiyara's mane. It took forever, so I did not remove the braids at the end of the day as everyone else did with the peanut braids. The scallop braids worked well over fence (unlike a French braid) and were the talk of the show grounds (primarily because of Chris' phenomenal job).


I'm obviously not a reliable source when it comes to pulling manes.


Shared Glory said...

Hehe! I remember seeing pictures like that...I can't believe I was only three then though! ;)
Hope this week is treating you well!

allhorsestuff said...

Hay thanks for this post...very cool! You looked awesome, it is a great photo jumping, a favorite!
I clicked the image and got a nice look at those "scallop" braids too.
Another horse blogger sent me word to go to her files and it was the same braid...she does show too.
So..I am loving her mane and I like to fuss, soooo, for the time being, long it is with fussing in between...unless we get "Discovered" for a higher level of being in the public eye..not anytimne soon!