Monday, April 20, 2009

No Wonder

No wonder I couldn't format fonts or add links to my blog entries! I just replaced my five-year-old iMac with a new and improved iMac with a 24" screen and loads more gigawhatchamacallit. I now have a toolbar that never appeared before. Yeeha!

When I got a new digital camera for Christmas and couldn't install the software for the camera, it became obvious that I had to do something about my computer. So I decided to buy a new one with my tax refund. I traded in my old iMac on the new one, which allowed me to get the next model up for about the same price as the lower model plus software. I have to have Office so I can draft my novels in Word.

The new 24" iMac is HUGE! And the keyboard is teeny. No number keypad, which was always in my way anyway. I'm an English Major...I don't do numbers.  :-)

I've been in the process of installing and updating software. Plus getting surprises as I move about my computer and online to find new stuff -- like the toolbar on my blog!

CEC Play Day

I rode Training Level Test One. Phantom did pretty well. His left lead canter was kind of logy, but his right lead canter (historically his problem lead) was energetic. Trainer Tracey's comments were spot on and provided areas for me to work on. My years of riding hunters was a plus and a minus. I went deep into the corners...when riding a jump course one should use every inch of the arena to set up for the next line of fences. However, that look ahead for the next fence is a no-no in the dressage arena. At least Tracey acknowledged how hard it is to break those old habits. Anyway...I'm looking forward applying her suggestions when next I ride.

This is Phantom munching between dressage and trail.

There were four of us in the Ride a $Buck$ class, two western and two dressage. I was eliminated early when my dollar bill slipped out from beneath my knee. Believe me, other than losing a whole dollar, I was not upset. Tamra, Mick and Tracey were put through equestrian boot camp by our team of judges. Tracey was the next to lose her "buck."  All in good fun, Tracey threatened Tamra with a dressage whip to get a "real" trot out of Liberty instead of the western pleasure "plod." Mick was a strong competitor, but Tamra finally won the class.

It was Tamra and Tracey battling it out in the musical "chairs" game. The crew placed parallel poles on the ground to form "stalls" to ride the horses into when the music stopped. It came down to dressage versus western for the final stall. The music stopped and the riders urged their horses nose-to-nose. This time, dressage won out and Tracey took the honors.

AND -- per usual, the food table was generously supplied. There was a fruit plate, but also taco soup, salsa & cream cheese, taco chips aplenty, and two types of brownies. 

The prize table was an interesting mix of items from the Dollar Store. I nabbed a plastic water bottle, a set of bungee cords, and a Snickers bar.

A good time was had by all. Kudos to Linda who came up with the idea and all who made preparations and participated. 

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