Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Improved Ride-itude

Much better ride today. I tried to implement the comments from Sunday's Play Day when I rode Training One. Most of us requested comments instead of scores, since it was to be a fun and casual "competition."

The good news was, Phantom had good impulsion and we made good use of the arena. Our judge (aka Trainer Tracey) indicated that we were a "very capable pair." That's nice to hear after all the work I've been doing on my own.

Suggestions included: bring upper body back more perpendicular, shorten the reins, and to look through the horse's ears and bring my chin up -- don't look to the side (old hunter/jumper habits die hard). 

So today that's what I attempted to do and -- gosh and begorra -- we had a better session. In trying to sit "back" more I also tried to make my shoulder blades touch, which usually helps firm up my midsection. Looking through the horse's ears, I think, additionally aided in firming my torso. Man, I used to get compliments for my "eye" in the hunter ring. *sigh* Change of discipline.  :-) Anyway, I believe my position improved somewhat, because Phantom responded better. He's my report card.

Amazing! Trainers know what they're talking about. ;-)

After near- or genuine record-breaking heat the past few days, we're clouded over and much cooler in the Valley today. The horses are "nekked" -- sans turnout sheets. That's got to feel good to them. However, the rain returns tonight and it's supposed to be showery tomorrow. It's only April. We can expect a few more hot and sunny days as well as more rain. It ain't summer in the Metro area until the Rose Festival is over.


allhorsestuff said...

HI there...sorry to be absent for so long!
Thanks for stopping by today to see those funny longhorns!
Your play day sounded very fun and rewarding as well!
Your list of changes to your body stance is mine as well. I video'd myself the other day in an arena I hauled to stirrups wer far to short and I was leaning too much.I did something funky with my wrists too...becasue my reins wer far too long..I am gonna try to tape the reins where my hands go, my riding mentor suggested this
Video(or trainer) really helps!

Oregon Equestrian said...

Hi! Kace!

I use web reins with leather stops. The ONLY way I can be sure both reins are even and are the correct length.