Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Barreled Writing

I continued to work on "Wizard" this weekend, but also did some rewriting on "Legacy." As hoped, by taking a break from "Legacy" I came up with a slight change in the backstory and made a decision regarding POV. I'm going to try something to see if it will work.

Anyway...surprised my little self by producing pages for both stories!


It was a case of Low-Pressure-Looky-Loos. I drove to the barn in a hail storm. The sun broke out while I was grooming and tacking up. At least two heavy rain cells blew over while I was in the arena. And a serious hail storm passed over after I'd turned out Phantom and was putting things away. ARGH!

It was a little difficult getting Phantom's attention while he was eyeballing each end and all four corners of the arena. *sigh*

I longed before riding to take off the edge as I always do. I got in 20-25 minutes of riding and was just getting ready to begin sitting trot and lateral work when Phantom notched up the hairy-eyeball routine (apparently in response to the immiment storm cell). I jumped off and longed him again past all the trouble spots and called it good. I did get some decent trot work and a canter each direction before starting the second longe session. I figure there's not much to be gained if Phantom isn't listening and I'm getting irritated.

So...I'll aim for some lateral work during my next ride. The weather is supposed to be clearing up as the week progresses.

Sheesh! In recent weeks we've had sunny 70 degrees to toppling freezing levels and hail storms. Spring in western Oregon. Gotta love it!

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