Saturday, April 4, 2009


Phantom trotted and cantered sound on the longe line this morning. In fact, when spooked by an invisible horse eater, he did an extended trot. Flung those front feet out there!

What's that all about?! He was definitely ouchy yesterday. I have witnesses.

His right front is still warm, however, so I soaked it and let him free graze for a little while. Then I placed him in the round pen when I left so it will be easier to monitor him.

I don't know what's up with the Goober Boy. His owee was either a stone bruise, or he has a coy abscess -- lurkiing but not yet making an appearance.

We have honest-to-goodness spring weather predicted for this weekend. Hard to believe, since it was freeze-your-hiney-off cold this morning. I switched out Phantom's medium-weight turnout to his turnout sheet. If it gets as warm as promised, I'm sure owner Susan and the crew will pull blankets. There will be lots of rolling in the turnouts if the shedding ponies are "nekked." Just might register at the local earthquake center!

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