Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Stills: Yellow

I already had this one in my photo file. It was taken during the winter doldrums and I thought the spot of yellow jumped out from the dreary winter landscape.

I took the following photos specifically for the latest "assignment." Once again using my little Kodak since I was at the barn. I guess what I'm trying to do is look at things from different angles. Such as:

I call this one Harley's Hootin n Hollerin Halter:

This one is my favorite of the recent "Yellow" photos. I pulled out of the barn the other day and thought, Hmmm. What if.... And this is the product.

Obviously, this one has to be titled The Road Not Taken, with a nod to R. Frost.  :-)


Pony Girl said...

Creative! I love the yellow halter...not a very common color, eh? I took one of a dog near a yellow fire hydrant but didn't post it because I cut the top of the hydrant out, lol! Happy weekend!

Oregon Equestrian said...

There's a reason the yellow/gold halter was among the few remaining at the clearance sale! :-)

jrosey said...

Great yellow shots! I also have been trying to experiment with different's funny what it can bring to an otherwise ordinairy picture. Have a great Memorial Day!