Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

In loving memory of Ed Potter
41st Infantry Division Bands
162nd Infantry Regiment.

The Sunset patch of the 41st Infantry Division, also known as the Sunset Division. Sunset Highway (Hwy 26) to the Oregon coast is dedicated to the memory of the division, comprised largely of men from the Pacific Northwest.

The 41st Infantry Division, the Fighting Jungleers, arrive in Australia and stand for review. Note the WWI uniforms. They were one of the first divisions sent overseas following Pearl Harbor and one of the last to return home after the occupation of Japan.

Assault on Biak Island. The 41st played a key role in Pacific Theater of War. Contrary to John Wayne movies, the Marines didn't do it all alone. Tokyo Rose had some choice words for the 41st Infantry as it battled through New Guinea and the Philippines Islands.

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