Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's wet out there, folks. This is the kind of cold front you want after you've spent the weekend planting summer annuals and want them well watered in.

It's the kind of weather that separates the "real folk" from the dilettantes. The real horse folk who ride no matter how loudly the rain is pounding the metal roof of the arena. The real dog people who suit up in Gortex to walk their canine companion. The real cyclists (bi and motor) that are skirting the lakes of accumulated water in the streets.

It's the kind of weather with which Oregonians-by-birth love to greet out-of-state arrivals. "Why yes, it's always like this. Is that a problem?"

It's the kind of weather we put up with because we know it makes for a phenomenal summer and fall!


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