Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Stills

Last Sunday's "assignment" from Sunday Stills was a black and white photo. So I decided Phantom's braided mane would make a good study. I'm still using my little Kodak digital camera at the barn, since I feel more comfortable hauling it around in my backpack and using it around the horses. I cropped the image and altered it from color to B&W, then added the artsy finish.

If it looks amateurish, there's a reason. I am an amateur.  :-)

The Legacy of Pennleah:

Making progress. Chapter Two completed but not sent off to my First Reader -- she's in the throes of term papers and finals.


jme said...

love this photo! the unusual, organic-looking geometry would appeal even to someone who wasn't a horse person (even though i can appreciate the braiding skill as well as the photography ;-)

Jan Mader said...

Fantastic the braids..

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I'm a children's author and love horses...actually all animals.

wilsonc said...

Great picture! I get what your saying about bringing the smaller camera to the barn. Think I'll try that. Maybe I'll get more shots that way.

jrosey said...

Great photo! Love that braid and it made for a very interesting photograph!

Shared Glory said...

1) Not an amateur looking photo. Cool texture with the hair! What editing program are you using?
2) I'd rather read chapter two than do any of the other study-like things I have to do! :) I'm really excited for it...maybe it can be like my treat for getting through the next week and a half! ;)

allhorsestuff said...

Very Nice indeed!I love the editing!
Well....I can not do the braids any the is shorter!(Next Post)

Oregon Equestrian said...

Thanks all for the kind comments!

Em: I used the Kodak software that came with the camera and the CDs I ordered along with my old 35mm prints.