Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Legacy of Pennleah

I completed the "Legacy Map" as I'm calling it. The map contains the "crosshair" moments, plot points, pinch points, the inciting incident, mid-point context shift, and resolution. Whew! It also lists potential scenes, or at least the actions and events I think will take me and the reader to the climactic scene.

I believe I have a climactic scene that will make the audience cheer aloud. Provided, of course, that I'm successful in building up to it.

The protagonist is a 15-year-old girl, but that doesn't mean there won't be action scenes. A couple of knuckle-biters, I hope.

I've created a Shortcut to the Scene template that combines Laura Whitcomb's and Victoria Lynn Schmidt's work sheets. I'm thinking I'll handwrite my scene brainstorming efforts, and based on what I come up with, compose the actual scene on the computer. See if the combination of hand scribing and typing on the keyboard will do the creative trick.

My goal is to feed draft chapters to Emily as completed. I'm hoping the commitment will keep me on track.

Anyway...I think I'm getting closer to having all the elements needed for an enjoyable and marketable story.

As they a__ in chair and WRITE.

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Shared Glory said...

Well my RSS feed has been lying to me in a big way because you have, in fact, posted new blogs since April 28th! :-P I got the first chapter, loved it and demand more in the toddler-wanting-candy sort of way! :)