Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Color Schemes

Have you noticed a color scheme to your life? Intended or inadvertent?

My friend Karen teased me about my Gray Period when Phantom joined my menagerie. My hair was showing the first signs of gray, Lacey (my first Sheltie) was blue merle, and Phantom was steel gray at age three.

Before Lacey and Phantom entered my life, it had been just me and my chestnut mare, Kiyara. My hair is (was?!) brown, but it's always had a red tinge that became even more red with exposure to the summer sun.

So my personal color scheme seems to have evolved from red to gray.

The color scheme idea came to me again when Boarder Molly brought her dog Riley to the barn. Riley is a friendly cavalier King Charles spaniel who thinks laps were invented just for him.  :-) His coloring is referred to as "Blenheim" -- chestnut spots on white. Guess what color Molly's horse Harley is? 

Yep...chestnut and white.

Then there's Genevieve, whose border collie is black and white. Her horse Zorro?

Um, yeah -- the black horse on the right with the white markings. (That's my gray Goober Boy on the left.)

Now I have Indy, my second Sheltie, who happened to be blue merle. I really would have preferred a Sheltie who didn't resemble Lacey, but finding Indy was serendipitous so I didn't question his color.

Besides...I'm obviously in my Gray Period.

The interior decorators on HGTV say you should look in your closet for color schemes when it comes to decorating your home.

Maybe they should add the barn and kennel, too.


allhorsestuff said...

Cute...yes I have noticed some of these parings too...my mare is Mahogany bay..my hair..Mahogany Brown...my PBO horse is a Chestnut..her hair red/blondish!

Shared Glory said...

This reminds me of the movie 101 Dalmations (the old school animated one of course) because all the dogs and their owners look alike. Lucky and me definitely had the hair thing going together too! Maybe we just pick things that resemble ourselves? :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

There is the theory that dog (and horse?) owners come to look like their fur person companion!

I'm definitely fluffy!

And flea bitten...?