Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo Shoot

So Emily and I had scheduled a photo shoot for last Saturday prior to my encounter with the longe line. I was going to give Phantom a bath and get pictures of me riding him in addition to having portraits taken.

Blew that, didn't I?

But Emily and Michelle were taking photos for class assignments and I didn't want to disappoint them. Michelle was taking B&W film shots and explored the barn on her own. We have to wait for her to develop her film and upload her photos to see how the day went. Emily took about 200 digital photos during our grand tour. She will edit them as she has time for later uploading. However, she did post a few on her blog with a link to Facebook (see link to her blog below).

My favorite is above. Can't see my mug at all, and Phantom's head looks real typy.

I also love the following:

This is Imprint's tail. Emily was going for the Oldenburg brand but got "whoosh" instead.

Indy is expressing my sentiments since I broke my wrist:


Saw Dr. S today and x-rays indicate the bones are still in alignment. The radius broke just below the head and the ulna is chipped. He didn't want to mess with success, so I'm stuck with the clunky splint for another week. Pretty bad when one is hoping for a cast.

Seems Dr. S was riding his bike last Friday and the front wheel went off the edge of a narrow wooden bridge and he slammed face first into the bridge. Yikes! So he was doing the ER waiting bit also.

At least my injury involved an animate object!

Horse-savvy nurses kept checking with me at the trauma center and ER to find out what had happened. Too funny. All horse folks have "war wounds" to chat about, and we've all had close calls doing dumb things.

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