Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Grey's Anatomy"...NOT

So all I was going to do was longe Phantom with side reins while waiting his turn with the shoer, Started out with bridle, surcingle, and detached side reins flapping. Phantom didn't have much sass to work off, so I stopped him to attach the reins. I unclipped the right rein and decided the reins needed to be let out, Phantom took a sideways look at the rein and decided he was out of there. He took off and I realized the longe line was tangling around my feet, With visions of being dragged across the arena I frantically kicked my feet free...losing my balance in the process. I landed on my butt but instinctively put out my hand and crunched my left wrist.

Foolishly I hoped it was a bad sprain, but when I pulled off my glove things didn't look right. And there was that whoosy feeling. Not good.

Horse people are the best! Someone caught Phantom and put him away. Owner Susan had an ice bag on me before I knew it, Trainer Tracey drove me to the nearest trauma center for x-rays, and the barn bunch put away my gear. Boarders Mary Beth and Stephanie have my thanks.

X-rays confirmed both bones were broken. My wrist was splinted and I advised them I would be going to the ER within my health insurance group. Thanks to the splint I was able to load up the dog (with help from Jeannie) and drive home. Once the dog was placed in his kennel, my mother drove me to the hospital. We checked into the ER around 3:15 pm. It was 8:00 pm when I was released.

Five hours of mostly waiting. *sigh* No Seattle Grace interns or residents lingering over me. No McDreamy or McSteamy. No sympathetic George or efficient Meredith. Just hanging out on uncomfortable seats while watching Oprah and waiting for the presidential candidates' debate.

I guess the good news was, I wasn't critical. And nurse John kept me supplied with ice packs. The ortho surgeon's excuse was a blow to the face...he was awaiting treatment just as I was. He even had the good sense to have a bit of bruising himself.

The treatment itself didn't take long and, thanks to a numbing shot, it was no worse than cracking a knuckle. I was sent home with a heavy duty splint, a prescription for pain pills, and an unbudgeted co-pay of $75.

The good news is, I'm right handed, I wasn't alone at the barn, and my mother is helping me manage life with one hand. The bad news is, what a pain in the butt!

Ah well, this will pass. No one to blame but myself. But this hunt and peck typing stinks.


Shared Glory said...

Ugh! That is no fun at all! But you are definitely a trooper! Now you have an excuse to not do any sort of manual labor for a few your patience gets some exercise too ;)

Hope you heal fast! And thanks for the red vines...they are going quick! :)

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, I am soo sorry for You having that incident!
When I lunge, I do always hear many, many voices in my head as the line goes to the ground-or I am not so diligent to be careful.
You are right, many blessings were in place for your day in the arena!
Heal up and what a great warmer Fall for that!