Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Indy and Breeze played briefly today. Indy keeps diving under the picnic tables much to Breeze's disgust. She does come on strong and I understand why he's running back to "home base," but the goober pops out to tease Breeze until she chases him again. Indy uses rocks, tables, people -- any available obstacles -- and barrels around them in order to slow down Breeze with her longer stride.

Today Breeze caught up with Indy and mouthed his butt. All she got was Sheltie fluff. Ptui! The last time they played, Breeze snagged Indy's ruff and got a mouth full of hair. Both times the expression on her face was priceless. I can sympathize. Every time I groom Indy I have double-coat fluff in every oriface!


I am amazed. Indy is actually taking to agility. I wasn't sure that he would figure out the equipment, but this week we jumped through the tire (it was practically on the ground, but still...) and ran through the chute (short and straight, but did it the first time). While I was chatting at the end of the class, Indy kept entering the closest chute to sniff out treats. He knew they had to be in there. I thought he might be afraid of it, but obviously not.

All the dogs did well. Even Breeze managed to squeeze her statuesque frame through the chute and tire. Our "ADD" border collie puppy, Rain, made it through an entire hour of training without a meltdown. He is going to be a firecracker when he matures and has more agility training under his collar. Abby, our parti-colored little cocker, took to every obstacle and looked adorable doing it.

Trainer Jessica made us all practice our "stay" exercise. The dogs are to hold it for 1-1/2 minutes by the end of our course. So she timed us. Good golly Miss Molly but 90 seconds is a LONG time! But most of the dogs made it, maybe with a single bobble. Not bad for the first time going the "distance."

I've been throwing in some of our "homework" on our twice-daily walks. Multi tasking -- the fun way!

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