Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The last word I had from Owner Susan was that Romeo, one of our two barn cats, was still missing. At that point it had been 12 days since anyone had seen him.

The above is the last picture I took of him...Critter Control Staff on a break. :-)

If I recall the story correctly, Romeo followed Trainer Cathi home and was allowed to join the barn staff. Owner Susan inherited Moe and Romeo.

Moe arrived at the barn with Curly. Yes, there was a Larry at the rescue facility but he had been adopted earlier. Regrettably, Curly ventured too close to the road and we bid him a tearful farewell.

Moe has always been a friendly fellow and he'll trot up to aisle toward you when he needs a lap and affection. Romeo was more standoffish but had begun to emulate Moe earlier this summer.

Romeo is half fluff. From day one he had twice as much hair as body. It was always surprising to pick him up, because there wasn't nearly as much kitty there as you expected.

I will hope for the best...that Romeo is living a life of luxury with a nearby family after taking an early retirement from the barn staff.

Horse people tend to be dog and cat people also.

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