Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy Barn Day

Busy day at the barn with most boarders enjoying a holiday. Just about the only time the daytime and evening riders get to see each other outside of weekends.

We grew by two over the weekend. Char and Mick arrived with their handsome Arabian geldings, Bay and Pugsley. The horses are turned out together and separate from the rest of the crew until they settle in and Owner Susan decides who they will mingle with the best.

We have another boarder arriving mid-month, which will leave us with only one vacant stall. Yippee!

I'm still playing with my camera and the following shot caught my eye. The splash of red, and all the pitchforks lined up neatly.

Good ride on Phantom. He was a little distracted by the activity and particularly by the two new horses. Our first ugly canters seem to be improving. Still ugly, but not nearly as Mixmaster as they used to be. I started out great with our sitting trot work, then I lost it and of course Phantom couldn't maintain his nice round movement. Took me forever to get with the sitting trot and never really did settle in. Phantom managed to give me some nice lateral work anyway. What a champ!

Indy had a great day. Breeze was at the barn when we arrived and when I unsnapped the leash he made a beeline for her. He loves Breeze because she is so FAST. When she goes into sight hound mode and gets a little "overly enthusiastic," Indy dives under one of the picnic tables or finds a safe spot where he drops and signals submission. Then he teases and baits Breeze again and takes off flying with her in pursuit. So she doesn't really intimidate him. Then Abby arrived before we left and the two got to play and hang out when Boarder Kim was finished with her horses. Abby is growing like a weed! She doesn't pursue Indy with the same speed and gusto as Breeze, but she's a good companion for exploring the barn environs. The two fluffy puppies are pretty cute.

So all in all, a good day. Great company (we've got the best boarders!), fantastic horses, and puppy play time.

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