Monday, September 22, 2008

Barn Barbecue

We didn't barbecue the barn -- we had a barbecue AT the barn!

The weather situation was iffy on Sunday. There had been spotty showers overnight and in the morning, and the temperature had cooled in preparation for the first day of fall. Not a problem...tables were set up in the aisle and arena so we could enjoy our fare under cover. Fortunatley Chef Chris and the grill got a break from the showers. We even had the use of a portable fire pit where our young folks made s'mores.

The timing was perfect to welcome our newest boarders and get acquainted. And it provided an opportunity for all the boarders and barn crew to spend some time together. With our busy schedules the daytime riders don't see the evening riders, and even on weekends the morning riders miss the afternoon riders. And the resident barn crew is so efficient we often don't see them at all. We had some brave non-horsy spouses/significant others participate. Sure, the main topic was horses, but we branched out to other subjects. And the sun even appeared between the clouds a couple of times.

Exit polls indicated the barbecue was a smashing success. ;-)


Right on cue we had some Pacific storms stroll through to remind us that summer has to come to an end. The sun has dipped to an angle that seems always to be in one's eyes. Evening temperatures are dropping. Random red and yellow leaves are appearing.

Time to locate the turnout sheets that were cleaned (uh oh, better get on it) and shoved somewhere out of the way for the summer. Even if pleasantly warm and sunny days are still possible into October, it's guaranteed that the waterproof turnout will be needed suddenly one day. Better have it on hand.

Ugh. Wet grass morning walks with the dog. Almost forgot what those were. Sweatshirt jacket required for the early and late walks, and even the fleece-lined jacket a couple of times.

Thermostat turned to "heat" after months on "cool."

Another batch of college students arriving on campus. The private colleges have been in session for a month. Now the public universities are filling with life again.

Halloween items crowd the store shelves.

The networks are finally airing the new season of programs. And there's still little worth watching.

Election Day can't come soon enough to end the political ads!

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Shared Glory said...

The BBQ sounds like a ton of fun! We had the Corn Fest here and I got poured on while waiting in line for some corn! Glad to hear you guys were dry!

Looking forward to pictures this weekend :)