Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Agility Foundation Class

Today was our first Agility Foundation Class with Trainer Jessica at the Columbia Agility Team's [CAT :-) ] Wilsonville facility. Abby and Breeze from the barn are also in the class. A bit of a problem since all three were ready for play time instead of lessons. Indy barked the whole hour to let me know he wanted to PLAY with his pals.

Also in the class is Spuds, whom I had the fun of dog sitting last year, another barn dog. Tiger Lily is the A student (there's always one), and I understand the class will have an addition next week.

Jessica assessed our basic skills: sit, down and come. Spuds and Tiger Lily were the stars. Indy was pretty good but conflicted. Come to his person or run to his pals? Hmmm. As I had the treats I won out. Barely.

Our lessons for the day were "Touch" and "Look." With treats involved, Indy was quick to learn Touch which involved touching a plastic lid with his nose. I was afraid he'd grab the lid to play with it, but the treat distracted him. Look involved getting his attention on my face. Pay attention to the hands full of treats or Mom? A more complicated decision.

Our homework for the week = practice Touch and Look.

Our assignment for the 6-week series is to teach our dog a new trick. What to do, what to do? Help me figure out my cell phone? Balance my checkbook? I'll probably settle for "shake."

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