Monday, October 13, 2008



Making progress on my new project. Yesterday was a stay-at-home day so I managed to get a lot done. Even though I'm writing longhand, the cast is awkward. Better than the ginormous splint, but doesn't quite rest comfortably at my writing desk.


The report is that Romeo the barn kitty returned yesterday. Yay!!


It's on the mend and I seem to be able to use my hand more; however, I still get zingers when I move my arm the wrong way. Frustrating to struggle one-handed. At least my challenge is only temporary.


Returning to my barn schedule with Mom as driver. Many thanks to Boarder Genevieve for picking out Phantom's feet last week, and much appreciation to the CEC barn crew for continuing to clean out his feet while I'm mending. Also thanks to our "Barn Brat" Tamra for offering to longe or ride Phantom. I'll let the Goober Boy enjoy his vacation for a bit longer.

I've been bringing in Phantom for zoom grooms plus treats and hugs. He hears us drive in and watches from his pasture as I putz around with preparations. He'll even stroll toward the gate when I come get him and give me a nicker.


"Cut" hair again?! Last spring when I was keeping Phantom braided all around against rain and mud, I arrived one Monday to find his forelock undone. I thought the rubber band had come out, but closer examination looked like his forelock had been cut just above the band. A little too straight for another horse to have gnawed off...besides, I couldn't imagine him allowing another horse to chew on him.

My mother and I team-braided Phantom last week. Today it looked like someone had been sawing on the longest braid in two places. There are short hairs sticking out of the braid, not just a few loose hairs, but as if partially cut with scissors or knife. Now Phantom is in a different turnout than he was last spring with our newest horses that he won't even let get near him. So if it's horse caused, it's two different horses. And if it's a sharp spot in the fence or stall, one would think the cut hairs would appear more often and in a similar location.

It is interesting that both instances occurred on weekends. Hmmm.

"Is a puzzlement." ("The King and I")

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Shared Glory said...

With the Phantom hair cut mystery, all I can think of is how four year olds like to cut their own hair...;)