Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching Up


We had our last class this past week (minus Spuds :-( whose person was out of town). The dogs were just like children on the last day of school...all over the place. We did some combination elements and worked the dogs off leash. Pretty funny. Rain was actually much improved and paying attention. But Breeze had to expresss her "greyhoundness" and took every opportunity to run around the barn. All of them were direction challenged. Indy managed to pull off a prize-winning "sit stay." Despite the day's issues, a good time was had by all and at the end of class we let the smaller dogs loose to play. Indy took off in sheep roundup mode, much to Rain's enjoyment. Trainer Jessica is the best and we all hope to work with her again for the next phase of training.


Indy reached the Big Two at the end of September. Mom celebrated her 86th this month. Her sis and brother-in-law (my aunt and uncle) came up to take us to lunch and we had a good visit. As Dr. Cindy says, Mom is doing remarkably well. Her grandmother lived to 100 and she says she intends to do the same. I'm betting she'll make it.


Healing. I can do more with my hand with less pain. Even drove to the barn on Friday. But my hand was a little sore by the time we arrived at the barn and, after I groomed Phantom, Mom drove home.

Rumor has it that Phantom is getting a lot of "sympathy" treats because my time with him is limited. He says he's fluffing up for winter...I say it's pudge.


Two steps forward and one back.

I went back to clean up some areas that needed some help. Now I'm pretty much caught up with where I left off. The words are still flowing, so I'll continue with the project.


Rising Rainbow said...

Your hand is hurt and he gets more treats.........that just doesn't seem fair.

Oregon Equestrian said...

Ain't that the truth!

Eveningson said...

have two dogs in agility. A border and a papillon. Life is great with dogs.