Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fracture Fable, continued

My wrist continues to mend. I'm doing more with my left hand with less pain. The cast itself limits some activities. I've started doing some driving, so my mother and I share trips.

Still giving Phantom zoom grooms. His mane and tail need major work, but the messy braids are holding. He doesn't have dreadlocks yet. Yesterday I cleaned his hooves! Credit goes to the CEC crew who have been cleaning Phantom's feet every so often, which made it possible. I applied some much-needed conditioner and let Phantom free graze for a bit. My Goober Boy nickers when I come get him and even meets me at the gate! He enjoys his grooming, and was good about picking up his feet for me. Whatta guy!

The geldings have been shuffled around again in their turnouts. Pugsley and Bay had to be separated, since they managed to wound each other their first week at CEC! Phantom is now turned out with Pugsley and Dansuan. Dan is another Arabian and a real sweetie!


Mom and I visited Dr. Cheryl, our chiropractor, on Monday. Both of us were waaaay past due for adjustments, and my accident aggravated the hitch in my gitalong. Dr. Cheryl used her amazing laser gadget on me and manipulated a couple of good "releases."

Now if I could only work a a twofer deal with Dr. Cheryl and Miriah for Phantom and me....

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