Sunday, October 19, 2008

Legacy: A Tale of Pennleah

No appointments, no barn visit, no errands. A day of writing!

Interesting how you sit down with a scene in mind. The is cast selected, setting established, goal planned...and you still end up with unintended stuff. My "big reveal" scene turned out to be a set up for the reveal. Upping the tension and preparing for future events.

Now I'm thinking I need to add at least one scene illustrating how isolated Aisley feels. She's not like other young people her age. No one else in Feldan (the town where she lives) can cast glamours.

I also need to do a better job of setting up the magic. After the Blue Death that struck the magical races, most of them fled the Continent, ending the Era of Magic. Only isolated pockets of a few magical races survived -- like those in the far north of the Isle of Pennleah.

And I need to make Vardienian rule more menacing. Think Robin Hood and his fellow Saxons under Norman rule.

I thought when I retired I'd be spending days writing. Ha! My YA novels are still shoved to the end of the day...not my high energy/creative period.


Our newest boarder arrived last Wednesday -- Nacho the paint. Looks like he's settled right in. I believe this fills the barn for the winter, unless one or more sale horses find new homes.

The winter turnouts have been seeded and fertilized. We've had some rain to start the seeds growing. The winter turnouts are closer to the barns so we don't have to go as far to collect our horses. Most appreciated during our horizontal rains.

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Shared Glory said...

This is sounding really good! Can't wait to read a draft! ;) hint hint!